We are at/over capacity! 

This is a good thing for us, as it means we have plenty of work and that YOU are loving our goods! It is also stressful as we are a small crew and are way behind schedule, which means current orders are shipping late. This is mostly due to nationwide, or worse; international supply chain issues. Raw materials and bike parts are all months behind schedule due to  fallout from the Coronavirus and now from the US imposed sanctions on Russia (the worlds largest supplier of titanium). Times are tough, wait times are long; though we are hopeful.

If you are absolutely dying to get into a queue, here are the current and approximate wait times. If you are cool with patiently waiting +/- the approximate time frames below, then we are happy to take your order/discuss a project via email.

Wait Times:

Frame Queue; CLOSED

Fork Queue; CLOSED

Handlebar Queue; 6-8+ weeks

Stem Queue; 6-8+ weeks

Post Queue; Currently unavailable

Custom Items; Per our discretion

Oddity Warranty Repairs; Immediate upon arrival

Misc Repairs (other brands); Currently unavailable

Thanks to everyone for the support and understanding. We love what we do and hope to get your dream build in the queue as soon as humanly possible! Cheers!


 Hoodies !!!


Our super limited edition Oddity hoodie is now live and available for purchase!!! Pre-orders open until January 5th, 2021. After that, they will not be available, so get your party hat on and spend that Christmas doh!

Artwork by @maxilla_art and printing by @pinebrand here in FOCO. Stoke level 11! 


A look into the state of things here at Oddity world HQ during these challenging times.

First, if you are not aware, Oddity is a brand of custom made bicycles. Frames, Forks, Stems, Seatposts and handlebars are what are manufactured in house - out of either 4130 Chromoly Steel OR Titanium.

Oddity is not a large scale operation. Sean 'Burney' Burns is the sole employee/owner/fabricator. He wears all the hats. He is also a single parent trying to survive the challenges of 'virtual schooling' from home, and making ends meet in these weird times. Sean does have help at times; interns, riding friends, and the occasional contract part time worker. 

Please, and we mean please, understand that our delivery times cannot be guaranteed. It is not realistic with challenges such as; material and component availability is marginal at best, and shop hours are random and irregular due to Covid-19 and personal hurdles.

Your patients is expected, assumed and appreciated. It's just how it is for now. Things will get better, it will. Your order, and every order is hand-made in the order received, with zero tolerance for rushing thru and not delivering a product we are 100% stoked about. 

We appreciates your support. Oddity cannot survive without you, the valued customer. Feel free to send order inquiries or to schedule a phone call to burnsey@odditycycles.com 

THANK YOU to the moon and back!

Hello and Welcome...

...to Oddity Cycles. 

Please email us at burnsey@odditycycles.com with orders or questions about our goods/services. To speak to us by phone, please email us to make an appointment. Thank you for checking us out. Cheers!