Frames include:

  • Any Oddity frame design
  • Standard QR OR 12/15mm Thru Axle Dropouts
  • 27.2 OR 30.9 seat post ready
  • English threaded bottom bracket
  • (2) H20 bottle mounts
  • external cable routing for brake(s) and derailuer(s)
  • one-stage powdercoat
  • 44mm head tube.

Steel  $2,400.00
Titanium  $3,650.00

me Upgrades
Sliding or Rocker Dropouts-  $150 Steel, $350 Ti
HACS (Horizontally Adjustable Chainstays)- $150 Steel, $350 Ti
H20 boss- $20 Steel, $40 Ti (each bottle), $30/$50 Anything Mounts
Internal Cable Routing- $100 first cable, $50 per each additional
Rack or Fender Mounts- $10 each Steel, $20 each Ti
Additional upgrade ideas? Call for pricing.


Handlebars: All bars include shim for 31.8 stem clamp diameter.

Razorbar- $140 steel, $350 Ti

Razorbar Plus- $160 Steel, $365 Ti
Mountain Riser- $100 Steel, $300 Ti
Arrowbar- $140 Steel, $350 Ti
OddMone$140 Steel, $350 Ti
Full Custom Bars?- Call for pricing.

Forks: Base price includes QR dropoutThru Axle add $75, which includes axle. All forks are assumed to be disc u.n.o.

Unicrown Fork- from $400 Steel, from $600 Ti

Squidfork- $700 Steel, $1,000 Ti
Truss Fork- $950 Steel, $1,400 Ti
Segmental Fork- from $500 Steel, From $750 Ti

Stems: 31.8 bar clamp diameter only.

Steel- from $150.00

Ti $350.00

Seatposts: 27.2mm only. Thomson head.

Ti $300 straight, $320 setback


Call with ideas and for pricing.

Add-ons, upgrades and extras:

Yes, we can customize most everything you order from us to your hearts desire. From H2O mounts, to dropout styles, to paint - Call to inquire.

All pricing is subject to change without notice.